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macOS Command Collection

Here is a collection of useful command-line tools for macOS.


  • eza: Modern replacement for ls.
  • bat: Modern replacement for cat.
  • fd: Modern replacement for find.
  • lazygit: Terminal UI for git.
  • nvim: Neovim, modern replacement for vim.
  • lvim: Out-of-the-box Neovim config.
  • tldr: abbr. Too Long, Don't Read. Simplify the man page.
  • j: Jump to a directory. A zsh plugin.
  • trans: Translate text into Chinese in the terminal. trans :en, translate into English.
  • nnn: File manager.
  • br: Broot, a tree-view file manager.
  • tree: Show directory structure.
  • pbcopy / pbpaste: Copy / paste to / from clipboard. Built-in command.
  • btop: Resource monitor.
  • neofetch: Show system info.


  • ffmpeg: Video and audio converter.
  • convert: Image converter.


  • binwalk: Analyze binary files for embedded files and executable code.
  • foremost: Recover files using their headers, footers and data structures.
  • hashcat: Password recovery tool.
  • zip2hash: Part of John the Ripper. Converts a zip file to a hash.
  • ciphey: Automated decryption tool.
  • hexyl: Command-line Hex viewer.
  • nmap: Port scanner.
  • StegSolve.jar: Steganography solver.
  • exiftool: Read and write meta information in files.
  • zsteg: Steganography detection for PNG and BMP file formats.
  • pngcheck: PNG file validator and debugger.
  • strings: Print printable characters in files.


  • lolcat: Colorful cat.
  • cowsay / cowthink: Configurable speaking / thinking cow.
  • fortune: Fortune cookie.
  • nyancat: Nyan cat in the terminal.

Last update: 2023-11-15
Created: 2023-10-16