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What is...

Here are some easy-to-forget terms in linear algebra. Check whether you are familiar with them all.


  1. Power set, or \(P(A)\) and \(2^A\) for a set \(A\).

Group and Field

  1. Semigroup.
  2. Monoid.
  3. Group, or \(\langle G:\circ\rangle\).
  4. Abelian group.
  5. Field, or \(\langle F:+, \circ\rangle\).

Vector Space

  1. Dimension, or \(\dim V\).
  2. Rank, or \(\operatorname{rank} A\).
  3. For \(W_1, W_2\leq V(\mathbf{F})\), what is \(W_1+W_2\), \(W_1\oplus W_2\).
  4. Inner product space.
  5. Euclidean space.
  6. Schmidt orthonormalization.

Last update: 2023-11-13
Created: 2023-10-27